Fourways to Hartbeespoort – Route 1

The first route we will be featuring is the classic, good old Fourways to Hartbeespoort route.

fourways to harties route

For many years this has been a favorite for all bikers in the Johannesburg area to ride. The reason for this we believe is that it is very easy for many people to get to since it is in the north, the scenery is quite nice and there are some nice twists and turns along the way. Once you get to Harties, there are plenty of places to stop at and have breakfast/brunch/lunch.

In general, you need to leave quite early to really enjoy the roads before it gets too busy, as many people go to Hartbeespoort over the weekend to enjoy a quick escape from the hustle and bustle.

The route there

We normally take Cedar road which goes past Dainfern until your reach the T junction. There you take a left and a quick right. Here you will go over the N14 highway.

Eventually you reach an intersection where you turn right. This is the road that goes past Lanseria and which you will follow all the way down some nice corners until you hit another T junction.

There you turn left and carry on until you go past Peacanwood Estate. You will eventually get to a part where you need to take a right, which will take you over the long bridge over the dam. At the next T junction, you turn right again, and carry on until you get to a four way stop.

Our favorite stop is Upper Deck, but you have plenty of places to choose from once you get there.

The route back

From this four way stop, you take a right which takes you on the road which goes through the tunnel. It is quite nice to ride here over the dam wall, where you can also stop off and take some photos.

Once done, you simply carry on with this road until you reach the N4 highway.

Instead of going on the highway, you turn right past the famous Pelindaba. Carry on until you reach an intersection, where you will turn left to get on the road going back past Lanseria.

Overall Route

The route from Cedar road and back is roughly 112km, and it should take about 30 minutes to get there, have some chow and another 40 to 50 minutes back because of traffic. Just in time to have a nice Sunday lunch with the missus!

We have done this so many times our bikes can get there all by themselves, but we still love it, simply because it is so accessible.

We give this route a 4/5, simply because its a classic, and everyone has to do it at some point in time.

Obviously there are plenty of other ways to get there, and we will post them in the upcoming weeks! So check back soon.

If you have any comments about this route, please let us know in the comments section.