Today is the start of the month when men of all ages try and impress the world with their magical mustache growing abilities.

beard guideSome get it right, some don’t. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter since it is for a good cause! It’s to raise awareness about men’s health (no, not the magazine) such as cancer, poor mental health and physical inability. Since this is a biking website and we know for a fact that bikers are all awesome people that help out with charities and other causes, we are quite sure that you will enjoy growing your ‘stach. I mean, riding a bike with one just makes you instantly more manlier.

men dont cry

The older members of the biking world will testify to the glorious days of feeling the wind blow through the snor while cruising down the road and how it beckons fond memories. We as the younger generation owe it to ourselves to step up and carry on with this magnificent gesture of manliness.

bikes and beards

So shave that upper lip today and get growing! Go to Movember South Africa and check out how you can get involved in the great cause.

We will leave you with this famous quote: “All great men have mustaches, Frank.” “Yeah, but real men actually grow them!” ~ Hotrod