MotoGP 2015 – Valencia

If you haven’t followed the MotoGP this year, you have definitely missed out on one of the worlds most existing sporting battles to take place, besides the Rugby World cup of course. Luckily that is over and we can focus the last bit of energy we have left on this race, which will be sure to provide enough entertainment for one day.


Valentino Rossi has had one of his best years lately and has been leading the championship so far with Jorge Lorenzo close on his heals. At this stage, Rossi is only 7 points in the lead with 312 points and Lorenzo on 305. After what happened in Sepang, Rossi now has to start from the back of the grid in the next race.

We are not going to go over exactly what happened, but Rossi has filed an appeal against this decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). He will hear the outcome of that during the course of this week. Even if his appeal fails and he has to start from the back, I am sure we will see a race like never before.

lorenzo rossi marquez

Marc Marquez, the 2013 and 2014 world champion is not in contention for the 2015 title, but his influence on the track could make it a tough day in the office for Rossi. Having had some problems with the 2015 chassis earlier in the year, he finally switched back to the 2014 chassis at the Assen GP and has had much greater success with it since then. There is not much for him to prove for the rest of the year, so we will need to see what cards he has up his sleeve for 2016.

The unsung hero of Sepang was undoubtedly Dani Pedrosa, who had an amazing race and finished 1st, not knowing what was happening behind him on the track. It has been amazing watching him ride to victory in one of the most brutal track conditions, this after coming back from surgery earlier in the year on his arm to prevent arm pump. He also seems to manage quite easily to stay under the radar, in terms of the mind games being played by the other riders. We look forward to seeing what he will be able to do next year.

dani pedrosa

Another factor to consider about this weekend’s race is that Valencia is in the country of origin for Lorenzo and Marquez (and also Pedrosa), so the fans and the overall atmosphere can play a huge role in the outcome of the race. We have already seen the social media wars taking place between the various fans, and it’s not pretty! Rossi has been around long enough and I am sure he can handle the pressure to come this weekend. We cant wait!

Don’t miss this final race of 2015. It will take place on Sunday at 3PM South African time.