Fourways to Hartbeespoort Route 2 (Satellite Route)

A few months ago we created a post about a route to Hartbeespoort Dam that goes past Lanseria airport. Check it out over here…

Today we will showcase another motorcycle route that we have come to prefer over the last couple of months. We particularly like this route because there are hardly any cars on the road, it includes some nice fast stretches and great twisties, which makes for very enjoyable riding.

fourways to hartbeespoort route 2 satellite route

The Route

As per usual, the ride starts off in the Fourways area, since this is where most of us (from the Bikemunch team) stay.

You first get onto Witkoppen road and ride towards the dome in Northgate. Once you get to the where the road crosses with Malibongwe, you turn right and go straight until you reach the N14 highway. Here you turn left and travel all the way until you get to the big intersection just before the hill, with the Engine petrol station on your right.

Here you turn right, and this is almost where the fun part begins.

On this road you carry on until you reach the R563 split, where you turn right. About a 100m after you have turned right, the road will split again. Make sure you keep to the right hand side. On this part of the road you carry on for about 10km, until you get to another road, the R400, to your right.

Again, you turn right, and this is where the fun starts.

fourways to harbeespoort via satellite route

The Satellite Stretch

This road is super quite in terms of the amount of cars on the road, and the surface is pretty good. We haven’t seen any potholes here yet. On the map above, the road seems quite straight, but it has some nice big corners. The chances of dragging your knee anywhere on this route is quite low though.

In the beginning stretch, you will go around a few corners and up a hill, until you cross over and the surrounding area starts to open up. As soon as you cross the hill, you will see the satellite station on your left. This is why people go on this route will often call it the satellite route.

satellite station

At the end of this stretch of road, you will get to a T junction, where you turn left and carry on until you pass Peacanwood Estate. Just after this, you turn right to cross over the long bridge over the dam. Take another right until you get to the 4 way stop street near the dam wall.

From here you can decide on various places to stop for a bite to eat, before heading back either on the same route, or the route described in our previous article.

The total distance is roughly 91km there. So a round trip will most likely end up near 200 km.


Because of the length of this route, the quite roads and the great quality of the ride, we give this a 5 star rating!

Let us know via the comment section below or our Facebook page whether this is also one of your favorite motorcyles routes.