Johannesburg to Harries Pancakes in Cullinan

Today we feature the route we normally take from Johannesburg to Cullinan.

Cullinan is a small town to the east of Pretoria which is very well known for its diamonds. This is where one of the worlds biggest diamonds, the Cullinan diamond was found in 1905. Today there are still various activities you can do with the family in the town, but we will focus on the ride there, where to eat and the ride back.

The route


From Johannesburg we normally take the N1 towards Pretoria. This part is pretty boring since you are on the highway for quite a distance. Once you get to the Lynwood offramp, you take a right and carry on straight with this road until you eventually get to the R631. Most the way to this point is has quite a bit of traffic and intersections.

When you get to the R631, you turn left and this is where the road opens up and the traffic generally clears up. This road is about 25km long and winds through the country side of Pretoria. It has some nice big and fast corners along the way. As mentioned there are very few cars on the road. The surface of the road is also pretty good with no potholes from what we have seen.

route to cullinan

Almost there

At the end of the road you will get to a T junction just after passing under a bridge. From there you turn left on the R515 which will go over the N4 highway and through the town of Rayton. Shortly after that you will get to Cullinan.

route to cullinan

Where to eat

One of our favorite places to eat at is Harries Pancakes. To get there, as soon as you get to Cullinan, you will get to a 4 way stop street where you see a petrol station on your right hand side. Turn left here. You will then cross over railway tracks and the get to another 4 way crossing where you need to turn right into Oak Avenue.

Just carry on straight until you see the restaurant on your left.

On any given Saturday or Sunday you will see bikes parked outside. As you can expect, they serve various pancakes packed with awesome fillings.

If you have ever been at Harries Pancakes in Graskop, you will know how popular that restaurant is especially with tourists. The restaurant in Cullinan has the same look and feel and the food is great!

harries pancakes

The ride back

We normally do the same route back as the one we took to Cullinan. There are various alternative routes which we will feature in upcoming articles, so check back soon!

Remember to fill up in Cullinan, since your fuel light will most likely come in around when you are on the highway in Midrand, depending on how fast you ride. The total length of the route there and back (from the Fourways area) is roughly 200km. So you will get some quality time on the bike on this ride.


This route is one we don’t do that often, mostly because 70% of the ride there and back is spent on the highway. The main reason why we do go there every now and then is the winding R631 road and Harries Pancakes! We give this route an overall score of 3 out of 5.